Serbizyo Offering the best solutions to automate HR Benefits and Payroll. Pricing & Plans

Serving Businesses of All Sizes.

As we succeeded in streamlining the business processes in some of the country’s biggest industries, we want to extend our services to startups and medium-sized enterprises. We’re offering affordable solutions with the same level of efficiency and security.


We eliminate manual processes and make your HR-related task more efficient with our cloud-based platforms.


Go paperless and do away with clutter with our digitalized online self-service portal.


Our flexible products and services allow your company’s policies and practices to integrate them in creating a more seamless end-to-end processing.

Offering the best solutions to automate HR Benefits and Payroll

Serbizyo is a technology-driven provider of software as a service (SaaS) and outsourced HR solutions. We aim to digitally transform and automate business processes so our clients they can take their minds off the complexity and redundancy of such tasks so they can focus more on scaling their growth even further.

Our Products

HR Management

Manage and automate all your company’s HR tasks in minutes. We help simplify every process including digitizing employees’ 201 records.

Payroll Solutions

Experience error-free and simpler payroll processing with our full-service payroll solution. We take care of all the necessary handwork so you can focus on growing your business!

Time & Attendance

Level up your company’s timesheet with our timekeeping software. Easily track and monitor your staff’s attendance and work schedule in one software.

Savings & Loans Administration

Automate your company’s lending process with Serbizyo’s Loan Management software. This platform is designed to provide end-to-end solutions to your loan processing needs!

Expense Reporting

Track, attribute and reimburse employee and company expenses without breaking a sweat. This is an easier way to streamline your expense report creation, only with Serbizyo.

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