3 Morning Habits To Boost Productivity

It is undeniable that the recent pandemic has significantly affected the way we do our daily work routines let alone our lifestyles. As some businesses are slowly starting to ask their workforce to report to the office, one big challenge is being faced by employees – getting fired up in the morning!

Remote work really made us get comfortable with our bed (and couch) too much that it seems like a lifetime ago that we were able to go about the morning habits that made us productive. Here are some ways to reintroduce “pumping up”  habits to kick off the morning.

In the age of TikTok and IG, let alone Facebook, it is quite tempting and automatic to look at your phone as soon as you open your eyes upon waking up. As famed HuffPost founder Arianna Huffington once said, “A big part of my morning ritual is about what I don’t do.”, we too can refrain from locking up our eyes with that small screen and do something more productive and insightful – read a book. 

Activating your nerves and muscles first thing in the morning has been a proven habit by successful individuals across different fields such as Bill Gates and Mark Whalberg. Exercising doesn’t have to be as rigorous as running for 30 mins or doing the 4am routine (Google it). One can just start by doing a 5-minute stretching routine or as simple as doing ten push-ups. Such activities can definitely get those mental and physical wires going. 

Taking a few moments to pause and being mindful of what we have achieved, big or small,  can significantly help us in facing the new challenges and tasks ahead. This also allows us to see the bigger picture and have the much-needed motivation that anything is possible knowing that we’ve done it before. 

It might take a bit of time to establish these morning habits, especially that most of us have been used to the pandemic setup we’ve been having in the workplace. However, making an effort to do these consistently can definitely help in boosting one’s productivity as we face not just a new day, but a “new normal”. 

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A business development and marketing professional, Mark’s decade-long experience spans locally and internationally across various industries including stints with multinational companies in the Philippines and technology start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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