Benefits of a Digital Payroll Platform

As we progress more into the digitalization era, we can almost perform the majority of our daily transactions in the palm of our hands. Smartphones and other smart devices can now perform tasks ranging from personal online shopping to online banking. Who would have guessed that we’d get to the point where even personal banking could be done online, with the rise of online wallets.  

Many businesses are now automating business processes and going digital. Here are some reasons why you should choose electronic payslips over traditional paper ones:

Access to Data 24/7

With the use of payroll software in generating payslips, generated reports are available at any time, anywhere. What makes it better is that most of the available options have access to historical data as well. Having this data available saves time for employees who frequently need these documents for personal reasons. 

Lower Admin Cost

Using electronic payslips is an effective cost-cutting approach. Aside from cutting the expense and effort of printing and then distributing payslips to all team members, you can also free up some time for your HR for other responsibilities. Thus, reducing administrative costs can also help your team be time-efficient for more valuable roles. 

Greener Option

With an outburst of campaigns towards climate change, going paperless is a way to help lessen the environmental footprint. Making your business “greener” is also a great way to connect and be more human as an organization. 

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About the author

Jowena Borral is an HR Generalist with more than 5 years of experience working with local and international companies. A business specialist with a knack for creative visualization, team engagement and human interaction.