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Zalamea Is Now ISO 27001 Certified

Zalamea achieved a significant milestone this year by being granted an ISO 27001 certification for adhering to the standards of information security management. This is also consistent with this year’s rebranding efforts, as Zalamea’s digital online platform has been modified to Serbizyo HR Solutions. We asked our Chief Executive Officer, Raymund Benedict Zalamea, for his...
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Three Ways to Reignite and Prevent Burnout

These past couple of years have been really quite overwhelming to some, if not, to many of us. As the world of late has indeed become a pendulum of uncertainties – from changes in workplace setups to juggling different tasks – employees have succumbed to exhaustion, eventually leading to burnout.  In a recent webinar hosted...
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3 Ways Small Business Owners can Automate their Payroll

Most small businesses would agree that software subscriptions are just additional costs, contributing to leaner profit margins. However, while it may appear to be just “another expense,” the benefits of choosing the right software still outweigh the cost of saving time and better productivity.  We at Serbizyo have some suggested ways for you to automate...
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Benefits of a Digital Payroll Platform

As we progress more into the digitalization era, we can almost perform the majority of our daily transactions in the palm of our hands. Smartphones and other smart devices can now perform tasks ranging from personal online shopping to online banking. Who would have guessed that we’d get to the point where even personal banking...
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Hybrid Workplace: the New Post Covid Work Set Up

With the continued rising number of vaccinated individuals, more businesses are glimmering at the notion of being back in the office. After more than two years of remote work and tackling several team and management issues along the way, the new work setup looks like a combination of office and home-based working. But the real...
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One Step Failure, Two Steps Progress

Failure, as painful as it may seem, is a necessity. It is vital. In a world where filters and shortcuts have become a norm, society tends to overlook the journey towards success that includes hardships, tribulations, upsets, disappointments, and failures. We often hear the phrase  “failure is the key to success” but such is rarely...
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