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Benefits of a Digital Payroll Platform

As we progress more into the digitalization era, we can almost perform the majority of our daily transactions in the palm of...
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Hybrid Workplace: the New Post Covid Work Set Up

With the continued rising number of vaccinated individuals, more businesses are glimmering at the notion of being back in the office. After...
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One Step Failure, Two Steps Progress

Failure, as painful as it may seem, is a necessity. It is vital. In a world where filters and shortcuts have become...
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Looking Back, Moving Forward in 2022 and Beyond

It is said that January is named after Janus, the Roman of new beginnings and transitions, hence his depiction of having two...
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Re-Wiring Your Social Network in the Post-Covid Era

Let’s face it, we have become rusty when it comes to engaging with our colleagues during the pandemic. The occasional lockdowns and...
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3 Ms to Kicking Off the Post-Pandemic World

“We’ve been in lockdown for so long I’m not sure if I still know how to talk to other people”, says one...
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Leading (Without a Team)

In this day and age, we often come across quotes, posts, and even memes about the differences between a boss and a...
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Why You Need Video-Based Learning in Your Training Program

Collaborative Article with Bihasa PH We consume video-based information multiple times every day, for entertainment, for education, and many other purposes. It’s...
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