Hybrid Workplace: the New Post Covid Work Set Up

With the continued rising number of vaccinated individuals, more businesses are glimmering at the notion of being back in the office. After more than two years of remote work and tackling several team and management issues along the way, the new work setup looks like a combination of office and home-based working. But the real question is,  is our workforce ready to return to office work?

A study done by the World Economic Forum reveals that at least 30% of the workforce prefers flexible remote work set up and that if they were forced to return to the office full-time, they would look for another job. The study also states that employees prefer to share their time almost evenly between three sorts of locations after COVID-19, as per the study: corporate offices, their homes, and other environments like co-working spaces or cafes.

So with this in mind, how would you prepare to transition from fully remote work to a hybrid work setup? Listed below are the measures you should consider to have a smoother transition, as recommended by research studies:

  • Building a remote work setup that empowers flexibility among employees
  • Having a burnout scale and [digital] recreational activities
  • Creating and providing networking opportunities for your remote team to enhance innovation, career growth, and combat job exhaustion.

To have the hybrid workplace set up effectively, effective human resource management is also important. Management must set clear guidelines for which tasks must be completed in the office and which must be completed at home and vice versa.  As we are looking into different possible ways to work during a pandemic, it is in the discretion and preparedness of the management, to make sure that employees are productive yet still having their work-life balance with the current remote setup. In order to succeed in a post-Covid era, the sooner businesses adapt to build a hybrid setup, the sooner we can have our new normal. 

About the author

Jowena Borral is an HR Generalist with more than 5 years of experience working with local and international companies. A business specialist with a knack for creative visualization, team engagement and human interaction.