One Step Failure, Two Steps Progress

Failure, as painful as it may seem, is a necessity. It is vital. In a world where filters and shortcuts have become a norm, society tends to overlook the journey towards success that includes hardships, tribulations, upsets, disappointments, and failures. We often hear the phrase  “failure is the key to success” but such is rarely practiced amid the pressure to succeed without having to experience it. 

Every failure is a stepping stone. It is an opportunity to learn and master certain life skills. So what do failures teach us? We have listed the  reasons to remind us why we should embrace failure as we try to achieve our goals. 

You learn flexibility

Following a failed strategy will not give a better outcome. It becomes clear that you’ll need to be a little more resilient in order to recover from your failure and try again with a little more flexibility. This is where the flexibility to review, adapt, and change — or even scrap the previous method entirely and start over — comes in handy. You’d never learn to be so adaptable if you hadn’t initially failed.

It’s easy to fail but it takes bravery to try again

We all want to succeed in whatever we do. However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshines, there will be times when you will try and fail fast. Giving up so easily is like saying that you probably don’t care as much as you do  believe in your goal. The truth is that a few setbacks will not dissuade someone who is committed to succeed. That person will succeed, no matter what.

You realize that success isn’t everything

When you fail, especially massively, you soon realize that success isn’t everything. That’s especially true if your values and ideals in life don’t match your goals. When you place value on success over everything else, failure will surely follow. Success, on the other hand, becomes virtually effortless when happiness and productivity are valued.

You begin to look at obstacles differently

In failure, you come to terms that good things don’t happen  overnight and that new goals are always exciting but after some time you soon realize that the grind to get it takes much time and effort. 

Failure is the same as a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. It provides you with a starting point from which to go. After you’ve failed, you’ll have a new page in front of you. No matter how many times people take you down, you just keep pushing and never give up.

About the author

Jowena Borral is an HR Generalist with more than 5 years of experience working with local and international companies. A business specialist with a knack for creative visualization, team engagement and human interaction.