Re-Wiring Your Social Network in the Post-Covid Era

Let’s face it, we have become rusty when it comes to engaging with our colleagues during the pandemic. The occasional lockdowns and remote work arrangements have allowed us – and at times forced us – to stay in our own cocoons without having to spread our “social butterfly wings” and connect with people the way we did before covid. 

Here are three ways to connect and reconnect to your social network in this post-pandeminc world (no, we’re not just talking about the water-cooler type chats).

  1. Camera On – While we’ve become accustomed to Zoom meetings, it’s no secret that most of us still want our cameras off. While studies suggest that turning your cameras off could help boost productivity, it does lower engagement on the other hand. One can start by just turning his or her camera on during pleasantries then turn it off (if it can’t be helped) or just leave it on the whole time!
  2. Send Random Chats – Yes, it does pay to send random messages in your network to start engaging with them. As simple “How’s it going” or “How are you holding up” can really go along way. There are countless stories whose random messages such as birthday or holiday wishes resulted in closed deals, hirings and stronger connection. 
  3. Grab a drink or two – ‘Cause why not? We’ve been having cabin fever for the past year or so, it’s about time we try to go back to the good old happy hour every once in awhile – just make sure to follow the proper protocols – and get vaccinated!
About the author

A business development and marketing professional, Mark’s decade-long experience spans locally and internationally across various industries including stints with multinational companies in the Philippines and technology start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area.