Serbizyo Partners with Unionbank

Zalamea is excited to reaffirm its collaboration with UnionBank’s payroll facilities. Zalamea’s online benefits platform, Serbizyo, helps clients digitalize their benefit administration. The said collaboration allows two of the leading brands in their respective industries to offer companies seamless and automated solutions for their payroll and timekeeping related tasks and processes (while cementing their position as technology-driven companies -option to remove), especially when remote-work setup has been prevalent during these times. Zalamea, the top Actuarial Services firm in the country, has been rapidly expanding its HR solutions business servicing companies covering at least 200,000 employees across different industries. With Serbizyo’s SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, clients are able to simplify and automate their various HR tasks such as payroll, timekeeping, expense management, loans and retirement plan administration. It also offers a cloud-based self-service portal where employees are able to manage and monitor their HR-related information and tasks such as making leave requests and payslips. 

UnionBank, on the other hand, is the country’s leading digital bank. Adding up to its numerous accolades recently is being named the Philippines’ Best Bank for SMEs by Asiamoney. This shows the bank’s commitment to serve the country’s crucial and at times overlooked sector of the economy, particularly when it comes to providing SMEs efficient and accessible banking facilities. The two companies’ synergy looks to integrate their respective platforms which will ultimately serve their respective clients’ interest as companies are really looking to find ways to automate and digitize their business processes to further achieve efficiency. 

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