Serbizyo Products

Providing Comprehensive Expense Management System

Serbizyo is one of the leading providers of expense management software in the country. From card statements to other corporate-related expenses, we make the tracking, documentation and approval a lot more easier. You can also create and edit financial reports to include details that you need. We know that these information are the lifeblood of any company which is why we develop a system that allows you to easily analyze and filter the financial segment of your business.

Eliminates Errors & Risks

Collecting and processing receipts manually can be frustrating, and there are risks of losing critical and important data which can affect the operation of your company. Having our expense management software can save you from these worries. You can set up your system with standard rules and conditions that employees can use when it comes to claims, reimbursements and expense reporting. Additionally, you’ll enjoy complete transparency among your members when it comes to validating the amount of spending.

Reduced Processing Cost

With an automated expense report tool, your organization can save hundreds or even thousands in processing costs. No need to use multiple applications as we streamline all the tasks you have to do in one software. With our system, you can capture every single detail you need electronically and save them real-time.

Fully Compliant Reporting

Our comprehensive expense reporting system, you can manage all these transactions with ease. We created this tool to ensure compliance with local legislation requirements. It also captures all the requisite details and calculates the total amount of all the associated expenses to make sure everything is properly put into place.

Reduces Processing Time

Traditional expense reporting eats up a chunk of your company’s time and resources, and this is why you need a system that allows you to effortlessly manage this task. With our software, you can have a continuous record of expenses without doing the manual work. This method of record-keeping does not only reduce the time spent on the documentation, but also allows you to instantly analyze the data.