Serbizyo Products

The Most Trusted Payroll Solutions for Businesses

Serbizyo is offering companies of any size an end-to-end outsourcing solution to manage the time-consuming task of payroll processing. We aim to simplify payroll while we ensure compliance and accuracy. To increase the efficiency of our software, we give recommendations and insights as well as offer our expertise on what’s the best course of action you can do to maximize the use of our system.

Our payroll managed services have limitless possibilities when it comes to innovations and functionality. To make sure your transactions are not compromised or exposed from any potential breach or errors, we have a network of experts who inspect and check them routinely. In fact, all our applications at Serbizyo undergo regular annual penetration and vulnerability testing. This is to give our clients the level of security and protection they deserve.

Why We’re Different From the Rest

In Serbizyo, we always put our client’s needs on top of everything. We always ensure to meet all your requirements while providing you with exceptional solutions. Our team continues to develop our current products to provide our customers only the highest quality of service. To prove our dedication to our customers, you may check out some of the key features of our managed payroll services below:

  • Unlimited Loan Entries
  • Unlimited Leave Types
  • Unlimited number of Users
  • Unlimited number of Positions
  • Unlimited number of Departments
  • Unlimited number of Cost Centers
  • Unlimited number of Location Assignment
  • Unlimited Type of Recurring Earnings & Deductions

Enhanced Accuracy

Your staff members are the most valuable assets in your company which is why it’s imperative that you get the right figures. Any error on their wages may impact on the operations of your company. With our managed payroll solutions, it’s easier to accurately calculate deductions and other incentives that your employees will receive. Our software guarantees that everything will be managed in the best way possible and right on time.

Time-Saving Solution

Instantly reduce the amount of time you’ll spend on computing your staff’s payroll. Save your HR department from doing the manual data entry and calculation when you avail our full-service payroll software. Regardless of the pay frequency and pay type/scheduling, we improve the turnaround time for these tasks. Your workforce team will become better in completing other tasks.

Highly Customizable

Creating a payroll module that matches with your company’s employment and pay setup has never been this simple. With our flexible payroll software, you can easily customize the model and flow of your payroll. All it takes is a few clicks and you can instantly adjust your module based on your preferred settings. With this you can easily:

  • Generate Audit Trail
  • Customize Pay Rates
  • Setup Multiple Approvers
  • Modify Shift Plan Schedule
  • Setup Supported Currencies
  • Compute for Off-Cycle Payroll Run
  • Set Company Holidays and Holiday per Location