Time & Attendance

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The Most Advanced Time & Attendance Solution for Businesses

Track and manage the work hours of your staff with this cloud-based timekeeping solution from Serbizyo. Avoid errors or miscalculations within your company’s HR department with our fully integrated system. Our software also has a mobile-ready portal which your employees can easily access. Our seamless system integration allows you to monitor all time and attendance related tasks. From leaves, attendance to overtimes, you can manage all of them within one tool.

Our timekeeping solutions make it easy to track time and expenses, so you can manage the productivity of your staff in one click. There’s lesser chance of missing clock in and out information because all these are recorded in our system right away. You’ll also feel more confident that your company stays compliant with the labor laws.

Accurate Time Tracking

Save yourself from the manual labor involved in checking whether your employee is in or out of the office. Our system is designed to record these activities in a detailed manner. With our help, you can say goodbye to sifting through time cards!

Easy Work Hours Setup

Scheduling with a number of employees can be tedious especially if you’re doing it manually. One mistake can impact the overall operations and productivity of your company. For your peace of mind, Serbizyo came out with a highly customizable time and attendance software. Easily create unlimited time schedules and flexible shifts, or make changes and updates right after you set it up.

Leave & OT Management

Quickly manage leave and OT requests with our fully integrated system. Give your employees easy access to their time off balances and incoming requests with a simplified approval process to make things more convenient for you and your staff.

Prevents Time & Pay Disputes

Disputes on pay can be a grueling task, but with our timekeeping solution, you’ll never have to deal with this problem again. Our software is programmed with a dispute prevention system to save yourself from this frustrating and time-consuming process.