Serbizyo Outsourcing


Your Number One Service Provider for All Your HR & Payroll Needs

Serbizyo provides a broad range of human resources, loans administration and payroll services to give businesses the support they need.

DC Plan Administration

Set up your employee’s defined contribution retirement plan with ease. Let our highly experienced Managers help you with the registration, planning and contribution setup. Choose from our wide array of DC plan models.

Payroll Outsourcing

Simplify the tasks involved in the payroll department. Choose Serbizyo as your service provider to enjoy a worry-free and flawless payroll service. You never have to deal with delays and you get to minimize dispute transactions when you hire us.

Loans Administration

Serbizyo helps businesses have a fully centralized loan administration process. We manage every account from start to finish. We’re offering customizable models depending on what setup your organization prefers.

Expense & Reimbursement

Centralize your reimbursement and expense report through the help of our expert managers. We manage, track, record and process all your expenses right when you need them.