Loans Administration

Serbizyo Services

Your Go-To Expert for Loan Administration Services

Ease up some of your company’s administrative burden and let Serbizyo handle this for you. We provide third-party loan administration service to all types of businesses, and once you appoint us as your loan facility agent, we execute every task efficiently.

The suite of services we have under loans administration includes calculation of interest payments, borrower database maintenance, interest recoveries, repayments, reporting and documentation. In addition, you may also choose from our comprehensive set of loan administration models.

Depending on what your company requires, we can quickly adjust our existing model to match it with your preferred setup. Providing our client with satisfactory service is one of our top priorities. We constantly update our models to ensure we provide our customers the latest and newest methods in the industry.

Highly Capable Loan Administrators

Our team consists of committed specialists with extensive marketing experience and background. What we’re offering is an independent service with no other additional interest for every transaction made. We are operating in a conducive environment which allow us to fulfill and complete requests from our clients. Our team utilizes fully enforced solutions to streamline all the necessary steps, and promptly assess and process every request you’ve entrusted us and oversee the project from start to finish.

Fully Compliant Process

When you choose to work with Serbizyo, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing everything will be done in accordance with the institution’s loan policy. We strictly follow the regulations related to its filing and processing. This is to prevent conflicts and disputes as well as protect your organization from any possible legal actions. To maintain our good record in the industry, we have a team who specifically oversee and update our processes.

Proven Track Record

For the past few years, we managed to stamp our own name in this industry. This all thanks to our partners who choose us as their vendor. Our focused and highly experienced team is also another reason we’ve proven ourselves as among the best providers of loan administration services. We have, in fact, worked with big-name companies from different sectors of trade and business.