Payroll Outsourcing

Serbizyo Services

Leading Payroll Processing Services in the Philippines

Serbizyo offers end-to-end payroll processing services that accurately covers and handles all aspects of your company’s payroll service. We have a team of fully certified payroll officers that can manage the intricacies of this task. From timekeeping validation, bank filing to reports, trust that these can be accomplished in a timely manner. Our company have a broad range of payroll services which include:

  • Check Writing & Delivery
  • Withholding Income Taxes
  • Set Up Direct Bank Deposits
  • Management Report Creation
  • Computation of Wages & Salaries
  • Payment of Government Contributions

Whether you have a startup up business or big corporation, you can definitely take advantage of our services. Our payroll managers utilize advanced tools that streamline the payroll process in your company. They strictly monitor and update their procedures, whenever necessary, to ensure that all the steps are in strict compliance with the Philippines laws and regulations.

Why Is Serbizyo the Best Payroll Partner?

When it comes to a reliable payroll outsourcing company, Serbizyo is the name to trust. We have a good track record and extensive experience in the field to provide our clients with services that are tailored to what they need. Our team has years of experience working with some of the largest organizations in the industry of financing, BPO, technology, IT, manufacturing, manpower, distribution, institutional, logistics and pharmaceutical.

Client-Focused Customer Service

Here at Serbizyo, we value customer satisfaction. Once we make a commitment, we make sure to fulfill what’s expected of us. Our mission is focused on providing our clients with satisfactory results. We also process our client’s payroll based on their company’s regulations and schedules.

Systematic & Efficient Data Integration

Serbizyo offers a fully integrated system and end-to-end services. From data entry, recording to analysis and reporting, we take the burden off of doing these from you. We fulfill them right when you need them without any delays as we know how this can impact on the productivity and performance of your company.

Professional Services at Reasonable Price

Save time and money with Serbizyo’s payroll service. We give importance to service value to ensure that every peso you spend is worth it. We have an integrated suite of payroll service, from wage computation to payslip creation and remittance of government contributions.

Comprehensive Data Collection & Reporting

After gathering all the necessary data, we generate a detailed report to help you in tracking every transaction or payroll request in your company. We also create data analysis as well as provide you with a draft of control reports so it’s easier for you to check and approve all the computations we’ve done for you. Some of the payroll reports we generate include:

  • Loan Ledger
  • Employee List
  • Absences Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Cost Center Report
  • Government Reports
  • Payroll Journal Entry
  • Incomplete Attendance
  • Different Payslip Format
  • Annualize Tax Projection
  • All Daily Attendance with Shifts
  • Detailed & Customizable Payroll Register
  • BIR Reports (2316, Alphalist & 1604CF & 1601C)