Three Ways to Reignite and Prevent Burnout

These past couple of years have been really quite overwhelming to some, if not, to many of us. As the world of late has indeed become a pendulum of uncertainties – from changes in workplace setups to juggling different tasks – employees have succumbed to exhaustion, eventually leading to burnout. 

In a recent webinar hosted by Zalamea, guest speaker Katrina Yap of Vandepol Center for Leadership shares that experiencing burnout does really take a toll, not just on the employee’s work productivity but overall well-being. In a gallup poll, she highlighted that most of the employees who experience burnout at work are likely to end up calling in sick or, worse, in the emergency room. Yes, an emergency room. 

While considered normal, this overwhelming feeling of physical and mental exhaustion need not be a lingering concern among employees. This can be properly treated and even prevented if addressed accordingly. 

Here are three valuable ways to deal with and recover from burnout. 

Be Aware

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Lack of focus, changes in sleeping habits such as oversleeping, and an overall feeling of uneasiness are just some of the symptoms that one might seriously consider in the presence of impending burnout. Taking a step back and some time to be conscious of such symptoms can be a significant step in preventing any eventual effects of burnout. 


Since we spend most of the day working, whether in the office or remotely, it is common that burnout stems from the workplace. As highlighted in the webinar, being able to communicate one’s feelings is important in dealing with the overwhelming exhaustion from work. One way to do it effectively is to have a mentor or coach willing to guide you. 

Practice Mindfulness

Preventing and dealing with burnout is not a one-time thing. It is a lifelong practice. Being mindful and appreciative of your environment daily can be a great way to start preventing burnout from taking over. From simple steps such as avoiding checking emails during after-work hours or devoting a couple of minutes to meditation or exercise, one can overcome burnout and learn to live and work to the best of their abilities. 

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About the author

A business development and marketing professional, Mark’s decade-long experience spans locally and internationally across various industries including stints with multinational companies in the Philippines and technology start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area.