Top 5 Apps to Help you Get Things Done at Work

With the current work from home set up, it is important to set some boundaries between being at home and working from home, as it also means there are distractions 24/7.  So whether you are struggling to be productive or need a little push to keep up with your workload, these apps will help you in your time management, effective communication and account security – making your work life a lil bit easier. 

Here’s our list of top apps you can try to improve your workflow and get things done at your work:

Google Calendar

There’s a lot of time management apps all over the internet. However, the truth is Google Calendar is one of the best, if not the best, cross-platform apps available. It is very efficient, user friendly, and straightforward. You can put a to-do list, plan appointments and events, and even put notifications and reminders. This app is essential especially for people with busy schedules. 


Everyone in the workforce  writes everything – from reports to presentations –  or as basic as replying to messages and email. Grammarly will surely help you in writing and checking for grammatical errors. It also has a chrome extension where it can check simultaneously for error while you are writing your message on websites. It has a paid version where it can help you check for plagiarism but the free version can be enough for most people. 


It is quite normal to see a lot of tabs open on your web browser while working. Such a situation not only overwhelms you on keeping tabs of your work but it also slows down your computer. One tab can put up a list of your tabs needed, group it in a category and compile it in a single page. According to their website, it can help you release up to 95% of your memory usage on the web – making everything more efficient. 


Using different tools means logging in to multiple applications. As a result, it’s not uncommon to forget your different passwords every now and then. 1password is an application that helps you store all your passwords securely.  Moreover, the best part is you only remember a single password to view and have access to all your different passwords, giving you not just convenience but peace of mind. With this, you can now focus on your weekly task. 


This  app is for those who want to check and keep track of how long they work on specific tasks. Time tracking is essential for workers who want to reevaluate their schedule and create a more organized calendar. Toggl also allows its users to prioritize their tasks properly, making them aware of the more important tasks ahead. It also provides a  detailed report and timer that  easily tracks your time at work, helping you to be more efficient in getting things done.

With smart technology applications developed, workplace applications are becoming more incorporated into daily business operations. Whether you’re in the office or on your phone at home, you’ll know you can get work done with universal apps that work everywhere. The right app in the right hands will greatly increase your ability to get the job done efficiently and accurately, as the saying goes, “Work smarter, not harder”.

About the author

Jowena Borral is an HR Generalist with more than 5 years of experience working with local and international companies. A business specialist with a knack for creative visualization, team engagement and human interaction.